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The Training and Performance Center offers something for everyone! Find out how we can help your child athlete achieve success on and off the field, or come try one of our adult strength and conditioning sessions and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Youth Performance Adult Training

Youth Performance and Team Training

Whether the goal is to make the team or take your game to the next level, we are here to help you. Our highly credentialed staff can help you reach your peak athletic potential through unmatched programming for you, your team or for any athlete in your family. Our youth performance model is based on the signature Performance Training of the Parisi Speed School.

More About Youth Performance

The Triphasic Method

In order to perform better as an athlete you not only have to be strong but you must be fast as well. Being able to move weight and move it fast is known as force. This comes from Newton’s second...

Lifts for Improving Functional Strength

Developing functional strength does not need to be complicated or fancy. Movements that will give you real functional strength do two things.  They help you function better when doing normal life...

Better Back and Stronger Grip

It's deadlift day.  Your back hurts and your grip is giving out before anything else. How do you solve both problems without a lot of extra work or set-up time?

You do the hang. Yep, it's as easy...

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