Youth Performance Training

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The Training and Performance Center uses a multifaceted approach to improving the speed, strength and agility of your child. All participants in our program begin by completing an introductory orientation and evaluation where they are tested in relative body strength, speed, agility, and mobility. 


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We offer programs that are compatible with every age range.

  • Jump Start – Ages 7-12
  • Total Performance – Ages 12-18


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Active Dynamic Warm-Up
The cornerstone of METHOD Sports Peformance Training is a warm-up that is focused on preparing the body's muscles that improve speed and agility. 
Movement Skills

Acceleration, Change of Direction, Top Speed

Movement skills such as accelerating, decelerating, changing direction, and running at top speed are essential to enhancing sports performance and injury...
Strength and Power Development

Targets the muscular and nervous systems to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.

STRENGTH TRAINING  Athletes of any age need to strength train. The quickest way to become faster is to get stronger. Our strength training sessions are age and maturation appropriate. Young...