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For female athletes ages 8 and up

It’s an exciting time for female athletes at the Training and Performance Center.

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We understand the importance of the demands, mindset and goals unique to being an athlete. Now, we're taking it one step further and focusing on the specific demands of the female athlete.

All athletes will focus on age-appropriate speed improvement skills and drills as well as agility, plyometrics, flexibility and conditioning! Jr High - College sessions will include power and Olympic lifts as well as exercises specific to your sport. The pee-Wee session will include an introduction to basic resistance exercises and age-appropriate weight room movements!

girl power: college

For the current college athlete or the high school athlete transitioning into their freshman year.
90-minute class; M/T/W/Th - 8:00 am
Choose # of sessions:
2x/week  - $149 per month
3x/week - $199 per month*

*Full Access Fitness Center Membership add-on available

Great opportunity to be coached by a former athlete who understands the demands and expectations as well as a highly credentialed strength coach!  

girl power: jr. high

Designed specifically for the demands of the junior high age group!
60-minute class; Mon and Wed - 1:30 pm
2x/week - $129 per month

Coach Morgan believes this is the perfect age group to begin understanding the fundamentals of all the exercises in the weight room and building a great foundation for later years.

girl power: high school

For the current high school athlete looking to maximize their potential and separate themselves from the competition!
90-minute class; M/T/W/Th - 9:30 am
Choose # of sessions:
2x/week  - $149 per month
3x/week - $199 per month*

*Full Access Fitness Center Membership add-on available

As a former high school athlete from the area, Coach Morgan understands the local competition, expectations and demands from the B-N surroundings. 

girl power: pee-wee

Designed specifically to introduce the young athlete to the sports performance world!
60-minute class; Mon and Wed - 2:30 pm
2x/week - $129 per month

Coach Morgan loves introducing the healthy lifestyle or exercise and conditioning creating great habits for life! 

Classes begin Monday, June 5th!

Secure your spot before May 19th to receive a limited edition "TPC Girl Power" t- shirt!

Girl Power classes will be led by Bloomington’s own, Morgan Edwards!


Morgan is a highly qualified strength coach with a CSCS certification, which is one of the highest credentials in the field. She discovered her passion for strength and conditioning through her experience as an athlete, including playing varsity softball for 4 years at U-High and collegiately at the University of Illinois Springfield, where she graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and an MBA.


Morgan has coaching experience in both collegiate softball and strength and conditioning for various sports. Her passion for sports and strength and conditioning led her to TPC, where you now have the opportunity to train with a certified, experienced, and proven coach who understands the unique challenges of being a female athlete.

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call (309) 433-9355 to register!

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