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nick driskell

Sports Performance Coach

Nick developed a passion for strength training and athletic development while playing basketball in college.  This passion led to his dedication to help others become the healthiest version of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.  After earning his BS in Exercise Science, Nick began his pursuit to educate and coach.  He is currently studying to achieve his Master's in the Exercise Physiology Graduate Sequence at ISU, to further his knowledge of exercise and fitness.


Nick knows how intimidating the gym can be initially and how daunting achieving your fitness goals may seem.  He realizes a supportive environment can be the difference for many people in reaching these goals and strives to provide an encouraging atmosphere. If you see Nick around don’t hesitate to ask him for help or just say hello.

Education and certifications:

  • BS in Exercise Science- Illinois State University (Expected graduation 2024)

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer


  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Athletic Development

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