What are some exercises that my athlete can do at home?

Practicing mobility drills at home will go a long way towards keeping your athlete healthy and moving well. Being able to freely move your joints through a full range of motion is essential to enhancing athletic performance and staying healthy on the field/ice/court.

A good exercise to try is a deep bodyweight squat. Holding a deep bodyweight squat for 1 minute each day. will help improve ankle and hip mobility and lead to better body awareness.

To do this exercise, use the following cues:

  • Push your butt back and drive your knees outward as you squat to the floor.

  • Keep the weight distributed evenly on your foot between your heel, big toe, and pinky toe.

  • Drive your elbows out against your knees to open your hips further and reinforce a strong base of support.

  • Maintain a slightly upright torso so that your back stays neutral

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